The Journey to the Abberation Trench

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The Journey to the Abberation Trench

Chapter four:

Tinyclaw looked around uneasily. Everyone was small- except Tinyclaw. She was bigger compared to the others, and the entrance did not allow her to fit through. "I'm sorry. I have to stay here. I'll guard the entrance. I can't fit in." Furbeak nodded. "I understand. We will go now." Ace went forward as Furbeak nodded to him. Toast, Artimer, Artemis, and Lydorius followed. Furbeak went last. Tinyclaw looked out and sighed.

Ace looked around. Glowing crystals, lighted mushrooms, wet green grass- this was beautiful. They kept walking and went through a different tunnel branching off from the one they were in. More crystals. They went downward in the tunnnel. A quick opening appeared. A huge, huge, very huge cave opened up. Everyone gasped. Gigantic glowing crystals loomed around the cave. Mushroom trees bunched around. A swamp opened up as they headed down a large hill. They got in the water, and a karkinos (big crab) walked around the corner. Others followed. They ran towards them. Furbeak looked wide-eyed at them.


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