The Journey to The Abberation Trench

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The Journey to The Abberation Trench

Chapter Two:

Furbeak lead the others through the base doors. "How long is it going to take to get there?" Toast asked. Toast was the smallest, and youngest. Nobody answered. "Rude." He mumbled. "Toast, be quiet, we are in giga territory!" Furbeak whispered. They were in mountain-forest areas. A giga rushed down a slope and attacked. "Get back! Me and Tinyclaw will do this!" Furbeak yelled. They attacked it,, and within seconds, it was killed. Tinyclaw and Furbeak were the strongest at base, amd that's why they were chosen. They past Spirit Tree, a glowing tree on a small island surounded by a stream. This is where they held burials. They walked across a small strip of land across the huge river and went left. They walked silently until there was a cave. Toast gasped. "The Abberation Trench!"

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