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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Siyu's Story

Chapter 8

A loud thump on the surface of the motorboat caught everyone's attention. They turned around to see Nerva hop from argent. "Finally," he said, pulling his pike from back. "I've waited a long time for this." He lunged at Siyu, but was interrupted when Xiaochou leapt from his shoulder and landed on Nerva's face. Nerva furiously pulled the monkey from his face, threw him to the ground, and stabbed his pike through Xiaochou's diaphragm, killing him instantly.

"How could you?! Monster!" Siyu screamed, drawing his sword and running at Nerva. Tyrana and Christopher ran to help him, but were intercepted by Nerva's argentavis. Nerva kicked Siyu in the stomach and swung his pike down towards his head. Siyu dodged out of the way and swung his sword at Nerva. His sword caught the neck of Nerva's pike, leaving them in a struggle. Remembering whe he was here, Siyu pushed Nerva back. "My mother," he shouted over the waves, "Where is she?!"

The boat hit a wave and jerked, causing everyone to lose their balance. Nerva took the opprotunity and tackled Siyu. Siyu leapt to his feet and tried to swing his sword again, but Nerva's pike intercepted the blow, causing the sword to fly from Siyu's hand. Nerva lifted his pike, about to attack again when a loud roar sounded from the shore. Siyu looked up as a large, monsterish creature walked down the beach, crushing as many of Nerva's soldiers as it could find. The sight left Nerva distracted, allowing Siyu to pull a metal arrow from his quiver and stab it into his Nerva's shoulder.

Nerva let out a cry as Siyu forced him to his knees. "My mother," he repeated, twisting the arrow. Nerva said nothing, but in one smooth motion knocked Siyu's feet out from under him bringing him to his knees. Immediatley, a sharp pain shot through his chest, but Siyu couldn't scream. He looked down. Nerva's pike was impaling one of his lungs. Blood rose in Siyu's throat, and as it filled his lung he found it harder to breathe.

Nerva loosed his pike and Siyu collapsed, coughing out blood. As he gasped for air that wouldn't come, Nerva loomed over him. "You wanted to see your mother," he said with a grin. He lifted his pike in the air again, aiming at Siyu's head. "I'll take you to her."

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