The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Goliaths story

Chapter 7

Goliath staggered to his feet, he was aching all over and the pain from his wounds was unbearable. He travelled back to the Redwoods, knowing it was finally time. He located the Red Peak in the redwoods and climbed to the top of it. Once he was at the top, he limped into a huge cave, ready to face what lay within...

After travelling through the cave for a while, Goliath began to wonder which part of the island he was underneath, eventually, he found a massive chamber. In the centre was a huge, flat rock with a map of the island carved into it. Next to it was what looked like a giant torch, he lifted it up and illuminated the room with its flames. In front of him was a massive suit of shining, silver armour and a giant axe. Goliath lifted up the axe, he then decided to test the axes strength by striking the armour with it, the axe bounced right off, proving the armours strength. He put on the armour and lifted the axe. Now all he needed was a way out. He saw a giant door next to him, Goliath couldn’t help wondering what this place was as he walked to the door, and then he opened the door and walked out, he was near Far’s Peak, the pain was gone, and he was ready for revenge...

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