The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Goliaths Story

Chapter 6 (I think)

Goliath turned to face his enemy, a gigantic dinosaur resembling a giga, but with antlers, glowing red eyes and long arms like a therezinos. The dinos name was Ghidorasaurus (a reference to the name of Godzilla’s worst enemy, King Ghidorah). Goliath roared and pounded the ground with his club as Ghidorasaurus approached him slowly. The two faced each over for a whole minute, examining every feature on the others body, trying to find a weak spot. Eventually Goliath identified one, but Ghidorasaurus had as well. Goliath charged at Ghidorasaurus (Ghidora from now on) and swung his club at the dinosaurs head, but it grabbed the club in its jaws and wrenched it out of his hands. Goliath knew this wasn’t going well, then, Ghidora went for his neck, biting onto it with his jagged teeth and drawing blood. Goliath groaned in pain and blood began to bubble out of his mouth. The ferocious creature clawed at Goliaths chest, staining it with blood, then it tugged with its jaws, tearing open Goliaths throat. Blood gushed out of the wound and Goliath collapsed to the ground. Ghidora walked away victoriously as Goliath lay, bleeding on the ground, slowly dying...

The next day...

Goliath lay on the ground, his fur matted and covered in blood, with a huge gash in his throat. Goliath was hardly breathing, and argentavis were starting to circle his dying body. Goliath was nearly dead...

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