The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Siyu's story Chapter 6

Christopher lay unconcious in a pool of blood, his pego leaning over him. Siyu waved the little creature aside and pulled Christopher to the house. The cook had crouched behind whatever furniture he could move to the corner, Xiaochou on his shoulder. "Nerva," he said trembling, "He was here." Siyu put Christopher on the table. "Can you cook medicinal brews?" The cook nodded and stepped from behind the makeshift barricade before turning to Xiaochou and giving him the list of ingredients he would need. The clever little monkey ran off to the storage boxes and pulled whatever he needed. Bandito quickly caught on and did the same. Siyu looked around. He had avoided being brought into a tribe because of the troubles his mother had faced, but now he had unintentionally made a tribe of his own.

"If we're on a team now, I ought to know your name," he said to the cook.

"Harvey," the cool responded. "And you'd better be glad you got me and not any of the other villagers. I'm a cook, but I've alao got some medical skills."

"Then I trust you to handle this."

"Where are you going?"

"Nerva did this. He attacked my home, now I'll find his and return the favor." Siyu climbed onto his argent, silver and silent. This particular argentavis had a reputation among the tribes, making Siyu determined to tame it. He'd named it SΓΉdΓΉ, Chinese for "speed." SΓΉdΓΉ lifted into the air. Just as Siyu had suspected, Nerva's injuries left a very visable trail. They entered the redwoods and Siyu made his argent slow down. They were in Nerva's territory now, and Nerva had eyes everywhere.

As if on cue, Siyu spotted the silhouette of a soldier among the branches of the trees. The soldier spotted him at the same time. Before the figure could make their move, Siyu swung his bow from his shoulder and loosed an arrow at the soldier's head. The arrow landed at the soldier's heart and their limp body fell to the ground. Siyu was getting better. It wasn't long until they spotted a wall of battlements. There were soldiers and watch towers everywhere. It looked less like a base and more like a burg. "Well played, Nerva," Siyu muttered to himself, "But I've found you, and now it's my move." He turned SΓΉdΓΉ around and headed back home.

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