The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Red’s story, chapter 4

Red wanted to remove the harpoons on her, but half of her didn’t want them to be removed, simply to keep them as “trophies.” Back at her time at herbivore island, the old tribe there hadn’t attacked her, and she didn’t attack the creatures with them. “Why didn’t they defend themselves against those people?” Red thought to herself. She had killed multiple of their creatures, mysteriously obeying and defending them, and Red had also destroyed multiple of their boats. Was that tribe too strong? Should I attack their creatures at night? Red didn’t know what to do, but she was going to destroy them for taking her home. Red saw a plesiosaur, and stabbed it in the neck and killed it. This plesiosaur didn’t seem to have a mate. Red thought about how and what she would do to those people, while she was consuming the plesiosaur.

“Maybe I will kill off their creatures one by one? Or fight them with all my strength until I die?” Red thought to herself.

“No. I must gather other sea creatures, and them attack them!” Red thought to herself. That would be a great idea, and then she set off to find other creatures.

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