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The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Goliaths story

Chapter 3

Goliath stomped through the fields, in the distance he could see a village, as he walked closer, he noticed something: a giga. Goliath snarled and moved towards the giga slowly, he snuck up behind it, it was about his size. He rammed into it, knocking it backwards, he punched it three times and it ran towards the camp. Goliath followed it, the giga smashed through the protective wall and roared furiously. Arrows shot through the air, but nothing harmed it. Goliath ran to the camp and smashed through its walls, arrows struck its hide but shattered on impact. A Boulder flew through the air and hit the giga on the head. It retaliated angrily by crushing the catapult. The two giants tore through the village, killing everyone. When the two finally began to fight, Goliath quickly pushed it to the ground, he grabbed a wooden pole and stabbed it into the gigas head. Looking up at the top of the pole, he saw a flag with the letters SPQR (hope I got that right) and a picture of a pike and longneck rifle forming a cross shape. The flag of the Red Legion.

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