The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Siyu's story Ch 3

When he returned home, Siyu found his door open and the lights on. He put a finger over his lips to let Xiaochou know not to make any noise. The monkey mimicked his action with a grin. Siyu tiptoed into the house. The kitchen was alive, the grill burning and the cooking station bubbling. A man stood in front of a storage box filled with ingredients. He pulled out a jar full of mushrooms, sniffing one. "That isn't food," Siyu said walking forward, his bow aimed at the intruder's head. "Not unless you want to end up temporarily blind." The man put the jar back hastily and dropped to his knees. "I'm sorry! Please, don't kill me. I was just hungry." The stranger was wearing armour that matched those of the slaughtered villagers. "You are from the village?" Siyu asked, lowering the bow slightly. The man nodded.

"Were there any survivors besides you?"

The man nodded again. "Only those that betrayed the village to join Nerva."

So it was indeed Nerva. "Do you know where he is going?" The stranger grabbed some meat from the grill. "Herbivore Island," he said through mouthfuls. Siyu began making preparations. By daylight he had created a twin set of Chinese-styled halberds based off the drawings his mother had shown him as a boy. He set Xiaochou on the floor. "Stay," he said. Then he pointed at the stranger. "Watch." Siyu couldn't kick the stranger out in his time of need, but he wouldn't be reckless enough to let him stay in the house alone. He called Dajiao and her children, the triplets to follow him. They traveled down the river to the southeastern coast, not far from Siyu's home. He stood at the edge of the beach looking at the island in the distance. Flags and debris from metal boats littered the water. Nerva had met a challenge in the water. If a creature of the sea could do this to several boats, Siyu did not want to try it with just one. He walked the Carnos into the cover of the forest and sat down with them under the shadow of the trees. They would wait here for Nerva's return.

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