Fallen World

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Fallen World

Chapter eight

By the time they’d gotten to Onagob, Ember Claw had gotten a good rest and was ready to go. Shadow Walker had agreed to stay with Slime Back while he went alone. He waded through the rivers shallow waters of the river and walked out, breathing in the fresh air, a huge change to the dusty air of Acarb. He walked through the green fields until puddles began to form around his feet, and he entered the marshlands. There was a squeaking noise, and he turned around to see a young Swampling rushing through the puddles with a Swamp Badger in hot pursuit! The Swampling ran down a tunnel leading underground, an£ just as the Badger crawled in after it, Ember Claw grabbed its tail and swung it around, before throwing it aside. The Badger growled as it staggered to its feet. It charged at him, but he dodged and slammed his tail against it with so much force that it was killed instantly.


Ember Claw walked down the to a large cave, with the Swampling cowering in the corner.

“Are you ok?” He asked her,

“No... I’m... scared” she squeaked, shaking so much it could hardly speak. Lightclaws had the ability to understand what Swamplings were saying, so they were often companions to them.

“It’s ok, the Swamp Badger is dead”

“Good... are you a... Lightclaw?” She asked.

“Yes” he responded, “would you like to come with me?”

“Yes, I’d love that!” She exclaimed.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“Gizmo (gremlins reference, after T2: Judgement Day, that’s probably my favourite film)”

“Nice name, I’m Ember Claw” Gizmo hopped onto his back, and they were about to leave the cave when they heard a hiss...

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