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Fallen World

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Fallen World

Chapter two

Ember Claw turned around to see who spoke, it was Emerald, a green parasaur and the leader of the scavengers. Even though Ember Claw towered over her he still felt weak compared to her.

“What do you want?” He asked

“Up at the tallest rock-spire, we’ve spotted something glinting up at the top, I need the both of you to go up there and investigate, you’ll meet others along the way, they’ll help.”

“Ok, it might just be some worthless shiny rock though” Longhorn told her.

“Don’t give me that attitude Longhorn” Emerald scolded him as if he was a child.

“We’ll go” Ember Claw told her.


Ember Claw scrabbled up the rocky slope, Longhorn and several others behind him. Eventually they reached the top, and were met with a surprise: a dark green baryonyx leading a pack of raptors.

“We finally got you here” the baryonyx sneered, “surround them”

The raptors rushed towards the group and surrounded them, baring their teeth and flexing their claws. ‘They found out, but how?’ Ember Claw thought to himself ‘there’s no way the Shadowclaws could have found me here’ the Shadowclaws were an ancient cult of brutal dinosaurs who believed in some Dark Lord who created the dinosaurs. However, there were also the Lightclaws, another ancient cult who believed in stopping the Shadowclaws. A huge war had broken out between the two, Ember Claw was the only Lightclaw to survive, but he only did this by running away half way through the final battle. Because of this, he was a coward, and had gone into hiding to escape his past, but now the Shadowclaws had found him, and they wanted him dead...

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