How I tamed the real Furbeak.

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How I tamed the real Furbeak.

So I have a tribe in the forest of Valgrueo. I had a level 67 ice wyvern, a male named Winter. I had really wanted a yuty, but my tribe didn't want to risk it. So I wanted to solo tame it with Winter.

I had flown to the Tundra. The red, cold sands prowled with direwolves, carnos and yutys. I needed to find a lower level yuty. So I found a orangish one with a black head. Level 27, judging by my spyglass. Perfect. I landed on a ledge and whisled Winter to kill the carnos and come back. Once they were dealt with, I grabbed my shotgun, loaded with tranq darts. I shot about 15, until he fell. I found a little ramp with rocks that I just barely fit through and went down. I put raw meat into there and waited. He was half hidden in the rock, with a ledge over hanging the spot. I took a walk and went back. BAM! He stood up. I tried to pick him up with Winter. Nope. So I gathered materials and built a raft, put Furbeak on it, put Winter on follow and drove home.

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