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A Yuty's Quest

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A Yuty's Quest

Chapter 17

Ace suddenly looked down. "Early today.." He started. "I was hunting with Glorybringer.. When a giga attacked. We were fighting when Glorybringer just dropped. There was a huge cut in her chest, so her heart might have been ripped apart. I hid so the giga walked away, and I brought Glorybringer back home. Your mother was very sad." Wildew sniffed. Their sister, that they grew up with? Who tried to protect their father? As he thought Blicket roared in rage. Quinter looked around uneasily. Even Flame mourned for their sister. Blicket sprinted down the last hill leading to their cave. Wildew and the others followed. As they ran shocked whispers came from around the yuty's part of the tribe base. There was always a part for each creature. The four slowed and walked inside. "Mother..?" The thing they saw was their mother grieving for their sister. "Mother.. We're back." Wildew said softly. Icebreaker looked up, astonished. "You're not dead!" She ran over to them. She then stopped.

"Who are they?" Wildew answered, "These are our friends, who helped us." As Flame nodded, Blicket shot a glance at Quinter, who was smiling. "But we need to get ready. Now." Blicket said. "For what?" Icebreaker questioned nervously. "A war. A battle with the other tribe, now."

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