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King of Dragons

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King of Dragons

Chapter five

A fire wyvern swooped down and grabbed hold of Spark, blasting fire at him. He roared angrily and tried to throw the wyvern off, but it was too strong. A poison wyvern flew down in front of Spark, who angrily blasted lightning at its head, knocking it backwards. He turned his head around to blast the side of the fire wyverns face, and was successful, the wyvern let go, and prepared to breath fire at Spark. Just as it opened its mouth, spark blasted lightning into it, killing the wyvern, the poison wyvern flew towards Spark, but he spun around and grabbed its neck, before tugging and breaking its neck. Spark let go, and the wyverns corpse fell to the ground. Suddenly, another lightning wyvern smashed into him, and knocked him to the floor...

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