Once, there were two survivors.

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Once, there were two survivors. They wanted wyvern eggs. They happily decided on the ragnarok map in an open plain with a Rex named malgus (read about under Rex stories) who could beat anything. However, they wanted to fly in style. They flew their griffin to wyvern cliffs. They flew into the cave. One of them grabbed the egg, and then flew the griffin out of the cave. The survivor in the passenger seat congratulated his friend. Then disaster struck. A lightning wyvern caught them. The griffin made it to the edge of the cliffs, he died. The survivor carrying the egg fell and died from the lightning blast and fell to the ground. The other survivor, the daring one who was also the one from the rock drake story who tried to prove the wiki wrong. He ran to his dead tribemate, grabbed the egg and ran. The clever survivor made a great plan. He simply had to run from the wyvern, and his tribemate could simply resplendent so he would teleport to the base. It worked. They hatched the egg and lived happily ever after with a wyvern.

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