Once, there was a guy who had an infinite supply of green gems.

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Once, there was a guy who had an infinite supply of green gems. Oh, and he also wanted a rock drake. He was looking through his inventory one day wondering what he could use his green gems for. Then he found the answer: climbing picks. He decided to then make a hazard suit and glider suit and go and steal a drake egg on foot. Why did he want to do this? 1: He was known for doing crazy things that never worked out, so he wanted to succeed. 2: He wanted a rock drake. 3: He wanted to prove the wiki wrong (who doesn’t?) and show that it was not impossible to steal a drake egg on foot. His plan? To fling himself from the fertile zone and follow the spine down to the grave of the lost. He would then land on a nest, steal an egg, and then glide out of the grave of the lost. After that, he would climb a tall rock, while being chased by drakes and nameless and make a dangerous glide to the spine, which was in the middle of an element river. He would then climb the spine all the way to the fertile region. He crafted his supplies and set off. He reached the point where he could jump. He jumped and glided out of the fertile zone. He was now above the bioluminescent zone. He started to laugh because he had a feeling of ultimate power. Then he realized that he didn’t know where the spine was. He stopped laughing and glided around until he found it. He found where the spine dropped straight down to the grave of the lost. He had planned to just fall through all the rings in the spine and then catch himself and glide in. He didn’t make it past the first ring. He and to make tons of free falls and quick glides until he could get a decent approach. When he did, he glided in to the grave of the lost. He was going so fast that the eggs didn’t appear. He began to turn around until he saw an egg. He landed nearby the nest and climbed the rest of the way with his climbing picks. He turned toward the exit, grabbed the egg and took off. He felt powerful. He felt happy. He felt brave. However, he did not fly as far as he wanted to. He dodged a nameless and was nearly to the tall rock he needed to climb. Now I would like to say that he succeeded in making it out. Sadly, he got stuck on a rock. A small rock. A rock he could easily have jumped over. He was right next to a drake that was not aggravated. The drake hit him. A third of his health went down. He thought, “I can make it out.” Then he landed in the element river and died instantly. He was very disappointed. Although he failed, he did learn some valuable lessons. 1: It is very hard to glide across the entire map. 2: Don’t underestimate the wiki. Later, he tried again. He failed again. But he knows, that it is absolutely possible. He decided that he should wage a while, bring a light pet, bring at least 100 climbing picks instead of twenty, and bring a cryopoded animal as bait. He knew, that someday he would prove the wiki wrong. Someday, he would show that he was not a fool, but a master of stealing eggs.

If you liked this story, in the future, there may be a story of the survivors success. Also, there may end up being one for wyverns on ragnarok, but that has not happened yet.

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