Small Metal Box.-- A Dododex Unicorn Story. (TRUE STORY WITH GOOD ENDING)

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Small Metal Box.-- A Dododex Unicorn Story. (TRUE STORY WITH GOOD ENDING)

When I was a literal Noob, riding around on a Pteranodon. So anyway, I was heading through the Redwoods for some reason (I'm not sure why to be honest.) So I was flying and saw a very white Equus. I flew down and saw closer. It was a Uni. I thought you needed carrots to tame it. (I had been looking at Dododex and didn't know the diffrence between mobile and PC, I thought Yuty, Scorched, ascending, and Bosses and other stuff that's PC only, was in mobile, including that you can tame Uni with Carrots. By the way I'm not saying that it's Dododex's fault.) Anyway, I took a picture and saved it. So much later, I'm riding on my Griffin, looking for a Titan. And I see a very white Equus. It's alone, which is unusual for Equus, the usual pack dwellers. So I went forward, and realised it was a Uni. I soar back to my base, grab my argy, and dropped it at my base. I grabbed some wood and built a pen for it. It's name was Faolo. I posted a story on it seperatly, so you can check that out for further details. So after that tame failed, I gave up on Unis. Temporarily. I searched for a Uni for awhile, after deciding to retry. I decided that was taking too long, so I started to prep for a dungeon. I failed. So, I started to farm the Skylord cave to get better Flak. I decided to do a few pursuits for the good Blueprints. So I was doing the Hunt: Rex Pursuit, and I saw a bright white Equus. Then the horn started to render in. So I ran to my Argy (I prefer to ride Argies to Griffins, Argies can carry SO many more creatures.) And hopped on my Argy, grabbed the Uni, and flew to base. I had a Small Metal Box set up from when I was looking for a Uni, and in case I found one. I struggled for a bit to Get the Uni into the box, but eventually it was in. I bought some ancient amber, and bought snake plant seeds and a 15x Major balm. I bred my Griffins using my Theriz's home (Kudos to Ultraviolet), and made Griffin kibble. The Uni's head had been convienently clipping through the wall of the pen, so I fed it the soothing balm and the Griffin kibble and it tamed instantly. It's name is Kylorra, with an accent on the o. I still have Kylorra and she gives me rainbow poops. R.I.P Faolo.

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