I once bred my megaloceros, Pancake and Cupcake, (all my…

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I once bred my megaloceros, Pancake and Cupcake, (all my megaloceros died when i decided to move them on to herbi island) I would only keep female babys, not males. Instesd of killing the males, when the females were ready, i'd bring them to the nearest island, where i had my old base. I'd claim the females, and let the males wander until they died or grew up. Almost always they died before they reached even mid juvinile. One day, Cupcake was going to have her baby. I brought her to the island, and prayed for a female. It was a male. Pooh. We went back to my base, and that was that. Way later, Cupcake, Pancake and Muffin all died on their way to herbi island. I decided to see with Argentum, my argy, if the baby male from so long ago was still living. Sure enough, there was a little male megaloceros who was a little out of place. I claimed him, gave him mejoberries, and carried him with Argentum back to my base. I named him Survivor, and i am still tending to him now. Sadly, I am not getting a female for him, because once Cupcake, Pancake and Muffin all died, I decided it was for the better and it was time for me to move on from megaloceros, and i was too far in the game and had milked all the use from them. But, I am planning on keeping Survivor, even though he won't be my favorite tame compared to my two spinos or my argy's, he'll have a special place in my heart, because he survived up to 47% matured without a human spoiling him, or even parents, and not even a real home! Even though Survivor spent almost half his life maturing wild, me and my tames will love him like he spent his whole faunhood alone, unclaimed, and unwanted on my old island. It'll say I raised him in his stats, but he really raised himself. One like=one friend for Survivor.

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