So... My Argy, Argentum, basically yeeted an Alpha Raptor…

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So... My Argy, Argentum, basically yeeted an Alpha Raptor out of exsistence. So we were doing "Pro hunt: No Bola Better Run" and looking for Carnos, and we saw an Alpha Raptor. One of these had basically made me restart my game when I was a noob. The Alpha Raptor was just bullying everything around it, and I thought: " I heard Alpha's drop good loot." So, I decided, Argentum could probably kill it. She had 1634 HP, and the Alpha Raptor down there was Lvl 7, and had 5643 HP. So Argentum just swooped down and started to nail it with her talons. We killed an Otter during the process by accident, sorry Otter God. At one point Argentum had lost a seventh of her health, so we had to kill a dilo and get the HP regen buff. I remember the Alpha raptor being at 1000 HP, and I had said: "Hey Alpha Raptor, I brought reinforcements. The spirits of my tames you killed when I was a noob!" Eventully, the Alpha Raptor was at 79 HP, and I killed it. We got like 31 Prime Meat, a crossbow, a ramshakle hide hat and a ramshackle metal pick, a metal pick, and a little more. We also got a rex bone helmet skin, but I already had one on my journeyman hide hat, and one on my Meso. I still kept it though, as a trophy. Because i'm on mobile, and I don't think Alpha's drop trophies in mobile. One like= One "Live long and prosper" for Argentum!

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