I once had a Quetz named Copper.

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I once had a Quetz named Copper. I tamed Copper with my Griffin, Ilana. Me and Copper did explorer note runs, found Gigas, and more. Then, came the day I had to tame a Titan. I had a cannon, cannonballs, and a Titan platform saddle. I had gotten two torpor shots and things were going well. Then, we got stuck inside the Titan. I couldn't mount Copper again because I could only target the Titan. So, I punched the Titan. The Titan stomped Copper and Copper fought back. I whistled follow, but Copper was dead. I grabbed her implant, killed the Titan with god console, and headed back to base. I didn't have nearly enough amber to revive her, so I decided to save up. I was going on a supply drop run to look for amber, and on the way back, I saw a Quetz. I grabbed taming supplies, my Griffin, Neyossa, and taming food. I knocked it out with shocking tranq darts and tamed it. It was a female like Copper, so it would lay eggs. I tamed it, and it was a beautiful blue. I let my friend name it. The End! R.I.P Copper.

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