The Midnight Loner: Episode 1

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The Midnight Loner: Episode 1

Onyx paced. Today was the day he was proclaimed a frog and no longer a froglet. The day he had hatched, his mysterious parents had left his egg alone in the stupid nursery. Onyx hated the nursery, all because of one Megaloceros. The nursery was positioned where the Redwoods met the Writhing Swamps. When he had become a tadpole, a Megaloceros named Toffee and her mate, Dawn, had given birth to a baby named Coffee. Onyx hadn't minded that the nursery payed more attention to Coffee, because Onyx was a loner. He didn't want attention. Even before Coffee, the nursery had payed more attention to the baby Paraceratheriums or baby Gigantopithicus. But, once Coffee had been proclaimed a young fawn and no longer a baby, the "I'm better than you's" started. When ever Onyx was playing, Coffee would butt Onyx aside with his antlers and say; "I'm better than you!" One day, Onyx had enough. He clawed Coffee's side and said; "No i'm better than you, and i've had enough of this!" Coffee had dramatically limped away and kept falling over. When Onyx had been proclaimed a frog, Coffee had asked if he wanted to go for a walk in the Redwoods. Onyx said: "No way, Coffee! You're not allowed to leave the nursery! You're not even an adolescent faun yet! You're still a young faun!" Eventually, Coffee convinced him. They walked in the forest, the leaves crunching under their feet. Onyx's body was so lean and skinny, it made him extremly hard to track. Onyx had been running off into the Redwoods since forever now. The nursery hadn't provided him with food, so he'd run into the Writhing Swamps and Redwoods to hunt and eat. Coffee's plump body swayed on the ground. The nursery had always provided Coffee with food, and he'd always ask for thirds. The result? A very plump Megaloceros. The bushes rustled. Coffee put his horns in a defensive position. Onyx filled his mouth with toxin. Coffee had no fighting chance if there was a predator in those bushes. His plump body made him an easy target. They couldn't back down. The creature would see them. A Raptor pounced out of the bushes. The Raptor was more interested in Coffee, because Coffee was plumper, had way better and more meat, had no fighting chance, and was a herbivore. Coffee's blood splashed in Onyx's face. He heard Coffee's painful and final yowl. Onyx stabbed th Raptor frantically, and it fell unconsious. It's unconsious body hit the leafy floor. Onyx checked if Coffee was dead. His body was lifeless. Onyx stabbed the Raptor to death in it's unconsious state. He pulled a fat, black, feather from the Raptor's body. He also pulled a claw ffrom it's toe. He pulled Coffee's antlers off, dropped one at the nursery, and kept one for himself. Onyx knew the Redwoods were too open and dangerous. To survive, he must brave the Writhing Swamps. He grabbed some fiber, bark, leaves and more, and made a strap that fit his body perfectly. He strapped the claw, antler and feather to his body with it, and hopped into the Writhing Swamps. Before he dissapered into the Writhing Swamps, Onyx decided he needed a name for himself, like the people in country songs. Onyx looked at the black feather. It shone like the midnight sky. Then, Onyx knew what he'd call himself. The Midnight Loner. Then he dissapered into the Mangrove trees of the Writhing Swamp.

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