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Here's a story, everyone! Once a had a female megaloceros named Shortbread. I had bred her and raised her from just a faun, to a strong adult. Once she grew up, i bred her with my breeding male, Cream. She was now happily pregnant. Because it looks really funny to see a pregnant megaloceros with it's huge belly running, i equipped her with my saddle. I gave her berries, and we ran laps upon laps upon laps around my island. I nourished her, cherished her, and most importantly, spoiled her. I had my fingers crossed for a female, because i didn't need males, i already had a strong one, my breeding male, Cream. Once it was under a minute Β΄til she had her baby, i found a safe spot on a tiny island. I had berries for the baby. If it was a male, i'd let it roam and never claim it. If it was a female, i'd claim it, give it berries, and spoil it to it's adult hood. Time passed, Until it was 10 seconds until she had her baby. I was spoiling her more than ever now, stuffing her with berries, Stroking her, and comforting her. I shut my eyes and prayed for a female. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,... It was a male. Again?!? Really? I had spoiled her and prioritized her, and she gave me some silly male. I let the male roam, like i had said, and we ran to my base. Soon after, me and my argy went to the Redwoods to tame a female. i found one, chucked a bola at it, waited for it to tame. once there was a carno, me and my argy killed it. Purlovia? Argy killed it. Terror birds? Argy killed it. The megaloceros tamed. I left it there, flew home, and requested it. i named it, bred it, now it's pregnant. One like=one prayer it's a female, not a stupid male.

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