The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Red’s story, chapter 2

Red had a plan. She couldn’t defeat them all, so she decided to take down some of their creatures and strange, metal platforms. Red swam up, grabbing a mosa and ripping it to shreds, then stabbed a plesiosaur in the neck multiple times, killing it. Red then grabbed one of the metal platforms, dragging it under the water and destroying everything on it. She saw strange, small creatures with strange weapons, but Red quickly swiped at them, killing them. Two mosasaurus swam at Red, but she had squirted ink as soon as they got close, blinding it. Red hit one of the mosasaurus a couple times, killing it. Just as she was about to finish off the next mosa, something painful hit her. Red turn around, hearing something snap, most likely a rope. Then a long, metal thing with a sharp tip came into the ocean. The metal thing was attached to a rope. Red turned around just in time, hitting the mosa who was almost dead. Red then finished the mosa and swam as fast as she could to where the sharp metal thing.

“I think we attracted it with the harpoon!” Somebody said on the boat. Red flipped the boat over, and then destroying everything on it. More harpoons came into the ocean, as sharks came after Red. Red killed every shark that got close, until she saw many creatures coming after her. She hit a boat with her tentacle, almost flipping it, and then swimming away as fast as she could. She got away, and her plan had worked. If they ever came back, she would destroy more of the metal things and the creatures that followed it.

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