The Ghost City

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The Ghost City

Chapter two

Two years later...

Aidan walked through the remains of the Sanctuary, the civil war had ended the year he lost his arm, which he had replaced with a tek arm. That wasn’t the only modification he’d gone through however. His skeleton was tek infused, so he was incredibly durable with multiple abilities. Then he heard gunshots. He ran to the source and found a group of Death Troopers (basically the remnants of the evil side of the civil war) shooting at a rock, three people were hiding behind it, clearly not armed. He ran to the soldiers and hid behind them, there were at least six of them, wearing tek armour, brilliant. He rushed to the one closest to him and extended his wrist mounted tek sword, before stabbing him in the back. He decapitated the next one and dodged tek blasts from the other. He then extended the wrist mounted hook from his robot arm and stabbed into ones stomach, he pushed his arm up into his chest and crushed his heart, killing the soldier. He sliced the next in half and ripped the arm off his dead body before using it to bludgeon another to death. The last tried to run, but Aidan punched into his back and ripped out his spine with the head still attached to the end. He turned to the rock and walked to the people hiding behind it.

“That was amazing!” One said. Aidan recognised the voice, it was Sarah...

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