The Ghost City

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The Ghost City

Chapter one

Tek rifle blasts shot through the air, striking soldiers and killing them. A civil war was tearing through the Sanctuary, many people were dying, and it seemed like safety was nonexistent. A soldier with a scar over his right eye and brown hair charge forward, shooting down multiple enemies and slashing at them with his tek sword. This soldiers name was Aidan, and he was unstoppable, nobody could kill him, it seemed he was unkillable. Aidan tore through the enemy soldiers, hacking them to pieces with his sword. Then, all of a sudden, a grenade blast knocked him backwards, he hit the ground with a thud and began bleeding out, he looked at his left arm, it was gone, he was dying. Then a soldier dragged him to his feet and pulled h8m away from the battle as everything went dark...

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