hi so ur probably wondering why im not posting much but…

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so ur probably wondering why im not posting much

but then again

ur not

because im forgotten


here a lot of chapters

A Hidden World

Chapter 7: A New Face

Nix squeezed out of the tiny tunnel. It had become dusk. He looked around, admiring the beautiful skies, when a noise startled him. He ducked back into the tunnel instinctively, seeing a claw and a shape appear silently from the dark. It had feathers all over it and a long tail with a weird face.

'A Drakefeather! Wait, that means..'

Nix jumped out and banged a rock on the back of its head- no, her head.

'Was she trespassing?' Nix wondered. 'Or going to get the Toxictalons?'

Shivering at what he had just done, he put the young Drakefeather into the tunnel to not be seen. 'I'll talk to her in the morning,' he decided.

- - - - - -

The morning, gradually becoming colder and colder by the day, was dimly lit. Dark clouds covered most of the sky.

'I should check on her.'

Nix awoke and slipped behind the Nursery, carefully patting the lump of feathers awake.

She opened her eyes and they widened, she jumped back.

"I'm with you, I won't tell," Nix whispered quickly. "What's your name?"

The rock drake shook her head. "How can you be with me? I'm Zahra and I was sent to-" Zahra covered her mouth.

"May I ask why?" Nix said, a bit more curious now. There was no reason for her to come here.

"Well," she whispered carefully, "you had crossed the border and got into a fight."

'We did no such thing!' Nix thought. "We didn't do that. We never had a border skirmish this moon."

"Strange, and the Blackclaws have been complaining about us, too, and we didn't do anything!" Zahra looked around. "I wonder what's going on."

"Can I ask you a question?" Nix asked, referencing to the Toxictalons.

"Sure, what?"

"Come," he flicked his tail for Zahra to follow. He crawled into the tunnel in the thorn bush, which was hardly noticeable. They squeezed down the tunnel and kept going, Nix heard Zahra's heavy breathing. He understood, it wasn't normal for either of them to be in tight spaces.

They came out of the tunnel to the giant cave, and Nix heard Zahra gasp. This would be like heaven for her!

"Hi! Who's this?" Enum flew from the ceiling. She then jumped back and hissed. "A Drakefeather!"

Zahra tilted her head. "What's with her? What IS she?"

"They say Drakefeathers attack their village, but I think we know what's going on. Oh, and this is Enum. Enum, meet Zahra." Nix said.

A Hidden World

Chapter 8: Vision

Zahra examined the strange creature. She looked like a green, finned Fireclaw. "What are you?" She asked.

"Like I would ever tell a Drakefeather!" The spines on Enum's back arose as she hissed.

"Enum, those attacking your village are not Drakefeathers." Nix flicked his long, fluffy tail. It's been happening aboveground, too. We have to figure out what is going on."

"What do you mean?" Enum relaxed and tilted her head at the Icefur. Nix explained.

"That is strange," Enum clawed the ground. "Sorry, Zahra. I'm a Toxictalon." She brightened. "Want to meet Darkwater?

"Okay." Nix walked over, his tail twitching constantly.

That's annoying, Zahra thought. She walked with them as they headed down a slope from the hill and bushes, they headed into a forest. The three wound around various types of trees and trotted into a small tunnel. Noises sounded from ahead.

"Darkwater, you have visitors!" Enum called, her scales gleaming as they crawled into a bright space illuminated with white mushrooms.

A very old-looking blue and red Colorwing stepped out of the shadows. One leg was scarred. His left eye was gone, and his tail trailed behind him, crippled. His left wing had tears in it.

"Greetings," he growled. Darkwater rested his eye on Zahra. It showed no emotion.

"Come," he flicked his tail for them to follow. He turned and headed into the tunnel. The three bounded after.

"Just the drake," he hissed suddenly, stopping. Nix and Enum backed away and Zahra trotted after.

Zahra opened her mouth. "My name is --"

"I know who you are, Zahra." Darkwater snapped. Zahra went silent. They headed deeper into the tunnel.

Zahra wondered why he knew. And how.

Darkwater stopped and sat in a small nest, covered in dirt and rotting leaves. He beckoned for her to do the same, only on the hard rock.

"Listen," Darkwater hissed. "Where did you find that jewel?"

"In my nest, a few nights ago." Zahra said.

She had so many questions as she pulled out the bright white jewel from her leaf pouch. Darkwater inspected it. "You shouldn't be here." he growled. "You need to leave now."

"What- why?" Zahra tilted her head.

"It is.. very hard to explain. But your origins are hidden. Do you know your mother and father?"

Zahra shook her head.

"You are not who you think you are." His voice became louder. "YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOUNG ONE."

Zahra suddenly felt her organs fly. She fell in a pit of water- a red dragon, looking like a red Colorwing, threw an egg in the water with her. It was too bright to still be underground. Zahra thrashed, then fell deeper into the water. Faintly she saw more dragons fleeing- of all of the types back at home, except for Toxictalons and Icefurs. They fled in one direction; Zahra saw three gigantic shapes fall behind them.

A word popped into her mind. Obelisks, Zahra thought. The red dragon was crushed, and Zahra grabbed the egg. She thought she would drown by now, but she was fine; the egg split in half due to the pressure and Zahra saw a thin line of blood trailing a small shape. It looks like Darkwater. Am I having a vision of his memory?

Zahra looked at her own talons. They looked like Darkwater's. She swam to the surface, unscathed. She fled with the rest of the dragons. What was happening during his life?

A Hidden World

Chapter Nine: Origins

Zahra kept flying with the rest of the dragons. It was so weird. She.. she flew. Her heart fell - although she did not know why - when one dragon was attacked. Instinctively, she should keep going. But something told her to help him. Zahra flew down and slashed the wyvern's attacker, a dark Fireclaw, as he bolted away. She looked down to see the wyvern grabbing her arm and dragging her along. "Come on, we have to go." he yelled in a deep voice.

"Okay." Zahra suddenly realized her voice sounded off. It was like Darkwater! But.. a whole lot younger, for sure.

"Where is Vein and the egg?" The wyvern hissed. The air was becoming so much hotter as the crowd went away from the mountains and crossed a desert.

"Uhm.." Zahra winced as one dragon, a little rockdrake hanging on to a big wyvern, fell to the sands. The wyvern, probably the drake's friend, dived to catch the drake but was too slow.

"You know. Your mother and the egg. What happened?" The wyvern growled.

"They both were crushed." Zahra thought of the red wyvern; Darkwater's mother. The egg was his sibling. Suddenly, a fierce pain shot through her shoulders as a wyvern ripped the flesh off.

"Darkwater!" The wyvern above her yelled.

The attacker of her was a red Fireclaw. Four more came, spiked white Fireclaws, and dragged her into the scorching sands of the desert. She screamed in agony as both her wings were ripped off. They dropped her at a very high altitude. She was falling, falling, her blood trailing and mixing with the air, until she thudded into the ground. Darkness.

A Hidden World

Chapter 10: Immortality

Zahra awoke in a daze, hoping to find herself back in that much, much safer den.

Nope! Ahead was the green-blue Colorwing that gazed at her. "You have the gift, too." He whispered.

"What gift?" Zahra questioned, standing up. She realized nothing was hurting.

"Nothing... we can talk about it later." He glanced outside. "The storm is coming. We need to move."

They flew across the strange wasteland, sand dunes rolling below them. The storm was close.

Zahra saw faint outlines of mountains in the distance. There were no life forms nearby. They must have already made it, Zahra thought.

Darkwater's supposed father flew beside her. He looked back and his eyes widened. Zahra looked back as well.

A huge, black cloud of dust, sand and fire burned practically on their tails. Zahra let out a muffled shriek.

"FLY!" The wyvern ordered. "Dear god, Hurricane, why didn't you know this earlier!?" He shouted to himself.

So Hurricane it is, then. Zahra felt the air heat up, which felt impossible considering they were in a scorching hot desert full of heat and sunlight.

They both flapped their wings, pushing the air behind them and below them, climbing higher. Zahra saw the inside of the storm, now that she was high enough in altitude. She gasped in horror.

A huge number of the dragons and drakes were scorched and died inside there. Zahra saw bodies scattered around, their flesh still burning.

It had seemed like hours of tireless flying when they reached the mountains. It was The Foedo, only newer. To the west central inside the circle of mountains, there was an icy pine forest, a snowy field, and a frozen lake, surrounded by giant ice spikes. Next to that was her territory. A huge forest lined with caves that would lead to her future camp. Flanked by the forest was a bioluminescent cyan area full of odd blue glowing trees and bushes. That would be the Blackclaws' home. Then a huge scorching wastelanddotted with lava lakes and structures of rock and ash. Then, by the frozen place and the scorching wasteland, was the place of perfect temperature and a beautiful jungle with a waterfall plunging into a huge river circling an island in the middle and crossing the border between the Icefurs and Drakefeathers as well as the Blackclaws and the Fireclaws. As Zahra took it all in, darkness...

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