A Hidden World

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A Hidden World

Chapter 3: A Claw on the Rocks

Nix yawned. It was a few years after the nursery incident, and he and Sejuk were almost Trainingfurs, if they *ever* got their assignments.

He decided to explore behind the Nursery, because what he had saw was strange. It looked like the Fireclaws, or as described, but with fins, and it was green.

Nix padded silently behind the crowd of Icefurs. He slipped behind the little hut made of frosted over ferns and saw a small, hardly noticeable hole. He could definitely fit, and who would notice he would be gone anyways?

As Nix clawed his way through a small tunnel, he felt himself become incredibly hot. His spine scraped across the ceiling of the dirt tunnel.

He clawed through a small pile of rocks and felt the tunnel open, although he could not see it. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Nix saw more of the creatures; but a lot of them. He dove into a sticky bush crawling with bright green bugs and looked around the cave. Forest areas were scattered near a pool of water, flanked by a lava lake that was dripping from a hole.

Nix heard rustling from the bushes.

"Hi! I'm Enum."

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