The Reaping - Chapter one

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The Reaping - Chapter one

"Mauve! Scorch! Wake up!"

Mauve heard his mother call. He dashed out of his hole with his little sister trailing behind. She recently learned to walk.

Mauve looked back and Scorch tripped on the rocks. "Are you okay?" He asked as he helped her up. She was so tiny, and her orange-black feathers were still fluffy. Scorch stood up and nodded, waddling towards their parents.

They walked out to see mother dealing with an ovi raptor. She snorted as it tried to grab the egg, but then father ran up to it and scared it off.

"Well, who wants to come hunt it? If so, we have to go now before it's gone." Father said. "This would be Scorch's first hunt.

Scorch stood up to him and puffed out her chest. "I'll rip its face off!" She said loudly, but it was more like a squeak.

"I want to come." Mauve decided. Mother nodded. "I'll come too," she said.

"Then, let's go!" Father pushed his way out of the small cave and dashed across the wet grass, the full-grown deinonychus disappeared within seconds of entering the jungle. Mother followed behind, carrying Scorch. Mauve ran after.

*That oviraptor will pay for trying to eat my little sibling!* Mauve thought, going in after. He ran close to his mother, following her tail.

"Yes! I got it!" Father bellowed triumphantly as the rest of the family slowed to a stop. He came out of the bushes with the limp ovi in his jaws as a loud roar echoed through the trees.

Unmistakably, that was the horn for the Sacrifice Announcement.


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