The Reaping - Chapter two

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The Reaping - Chapter two

Everyone in the nesting grounds dreaded this day, but it always came. Once a month they sacrificed someone to satisfy beasts that they weren't sure even existed.

Anyone who knew what they were was long dead. "Welcome everyone...w- we all know what today is." Said the alpha as everyone gathered around. Mauve looked at his tail feathers self consciously. "Do I look ok?" He whispered to his parents. Everyone knew that the alpha usually chose those that he liked the least, but nobody spoke about it because it could mean an instant sacrifice.

"Well...let's see..." said the alpha as Scorch nervously huddled against Mauve. "It's ok...nobody your age is ever chosen." Mauve lied, trying to calm her. "How!" He heard the alpha yell, pointing.

Mauve knew where the alpha was pointing, even before he looked. The alpha's talon was pointed at Mauve. Scorch and Mauve's parents were speechless. Mauve began to walk forward, but to his suprise, the alpha told him to go back. "No, not you...her. the little one." The alpha said. "NO! SHE'S AN INNOCENT HATCHLING, SHE DID NOTHING WRONG! TAKE ME INSTEAD!" Mauve yelled, only embarrassing himself as the others ignored.

"Well everyone...let's not delay this any more than neccesary." The alpha said surprisingly calmly, like sacrificing innocent children was no big deal and he had done it many times before. "Come on!" The alpha growled, pulling Scorch, who tried desperately to free herself from his grasp. Mauve couldn't just let them sacrifice his little sister. After all, she was his responsibility.


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