A Hidden World

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A Hidden World

Chapter 4: A Twisted Fate

Zahra was sunning in the camp clearing when the patrol to the northern border dashed into the clan, ruffled and stained with new, wet blood.

"What happened?" Fallfeather, the leader, demanded. His deputy, Jahosu, flicked her tail with irritation.

"The Icefurs! They.. They ambushed us!" Laok yelled from the patrol. Akuana, Lohuag, Juaguf, and Okahala murmured in agreement. They were also from the patrol. Akuana shook her feathers.

"What do you suppose we do?" Kamanal asked Fallfeather. Kamanal was another Trainingfur.

Zahra thought of the weird thing she found in her nest last night. It was a white glowing diamond, and immense energy radiated from it. She had hid it under a tall tree's roots near the Edge.

"We need to send someone small," Fallfeather ordered. "There isn't any spies - in - training, so I guess Zahra will do."

Jahosu started ordering patrols. She sent Kamanal, Haugag, Crookjaw, and Kaiiha. The medics, Jujar and Poalar, started gathering their herbs in the store and handed them to the wounded. Akuana was the most wounded, with scratches all along her sides and frost-burns near her neck. They started with her.

"Okay, come with me." The voice startled Zahra. She jumped around to see Jahosu gesturing her to follow. "I need for you to train a little bit before you go. Now mind you, this is going to be a very dangerous mission."

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