The Reaping - Chapter three

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The Reaping - Chapter three

Mauve pulsed with fear and anger as he made his way through the tight crowd and ran after his sister. But before he could get very far, a few guard deinonychuses strolled in and grabbed him, pushing him back.

"SCORCH!" He yelled, knowing that wouldn't help. Maybe he could get his parents to help him.

Mauve dashed back and tried to find his parents. *Where are they? They were just here a minute ago.* He thought with frustration.

*I'll have to make do without them.*

Mauve came up with a little plan; He'd circle around the crowd as it eased and went away, in the jungle. And then he'd follow the scent trail of Alpha. Quite simple, but maybe not that easy. He'd think of more once he had more information.

Mauve slipped out into the trees unseen, and ran in a circle around the Sacrifice Clearing. He got to a path with two pairs of talonprints, both fresh. Small and big. *Scorch and Alpha.*

He followed the scent and tracks silently, it took a few turns. Left, right, right, left. Which led the same way originally, but it's probably for Alpha to not be followed. *If that's the case, they do a horrid job at it.* Mauve thought.

Suddenly he heard screams and angry growls up ahead, both of which he recognized.

Mauve crouched down and looked through the ferns, seeing Alpha tying Scorch up a pole with a rope. They were at a clearing next to a river, and on the other side of the river a huge, dark hole sat. Mauve could smell weird scents of death, and something else, coming from there. It must be strong for him to smell it all the way across the river.

Mauve saw Alpha tie the last rope and he dashed away, not even looking in Mauve's direction. Mauve burst out of the ferns and ran to Scorch.

"Are you okay?" He whispered to her as he started untying the ropes and cutting the ones he didn't know how to untie. Scorch nodded, crying with both happiness and fear.

Mauve untied the last rope and grabbed Scorch. "Let's go!"


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