A Hidden World

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A Hidden World

Chapter 5: The Dark Cavern

"Who are you?" Enum asked, clearly confused about why Nix was shocked."Er.. I'm Nix.. I'm not supposed to be down here." Nix sneezed."It's very hot. What are you?"

"What do you mean? I'm a Toxictalon." Enum said. "I know one of your kind, Stojiahn. We're friends." She looked around nervously.

Nix remembered Stojiahn; the tough, blocky, white Icefur. He wad kind on the inside. "Why are you telling me all this?"

"You're the only other.. Nicefur? Is that what you are? I've met."

"Oh," Nix sneezed again. "It's Icefur, by the way."

"You look sick. I should take you to see Darkwater." Enum tilted her head. "You don't know who he is, do you?"

Nix shook his head. "Nope."

"Well, he's a special type of Colorwing, he says, and he was cursed to live forever. He also keeps artifacts with him. He's three hundred years old! Or so he says.. None of us really believe him. He's a bit crazy, talking about 'corruption' and 'a big war is coming' and 'if only Hurricane could see this'. Nobody really likes him, except that he has a smart side and can cure anything, or detect it. He can make water float! It's cool to watch." Enum suddenly closed her mouth. "They're watching us!"

Enum grabbed Nix and pulled him down. Fear pulsed through him instantly. "Who? Where?" He whispered.

"The Drakefeathers!" Enum yelled. "They're here! Grab the wyvernets!" Enum stood up and flew to the ceiling of the cave, and shook a mushroom. It made a huge noise, and curious green noses poked out of bushes and rocks.

"The Drakefeathers! They're attacking!"

Nix saw five shapes slide in on his peripheral vision, and saw one light a bush on fire. A screaming hatchling wailed from inside, Nix could just hardly hear it.

I have to get that hatchling!

He boosted across the bramble and lunged into the circle of ferns, feeling heat and pain grasp onto his paws. He blasted ice to stop the fire and grabbed a dark green shape. The wyvernet kept wailing as he found the nearest confused Toxictalon and thrust the child toward her. "Take it!" He bellowed before slipping out of the cave. He wound his way through the long, narrow tunnel, clawing to get there quicker.

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