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I’m changing the location of my next story, called Jaws…

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I’m changing the location of my next story, called Jaws of Rage, to Rex section, also, here’s a little sneak peek of it!

Aidan walked through the maw with his allosaurus, red tooth, and his fellow hunter, Sam. They walked up a steep hill to a ledge overlooking a small valley. Stomping through the valley was a huge ferocisaurus Rex, blood and saliva dripping from its mouth. Sam brought out his mega bow and loaded it up with five arrows, before taking aim at the ferocisaurus Rex, and Aidan pulled out his blood blade before jumping of the cliff. He activated his gliding suit, and flew down, landing in front of the giant creature. It roared angrily, and Aidan rushed towards it before leaping towards the creatures head, blood blade ready strike.

- hope you enjoyed, the story is coming soon.

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