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Apex predator

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Apex predator

Chapter seven

The purple ferociraptor limped through the redwoods, an arrow in its leg making walking a lot harder. However, it knew the stench of human would lead it to its target, a small hut in the middle of the forest.

Aidan chewed the cooked meat thoughtfully as he sat in Johns hut, he wondered what the ferociraptors were, and why they had only just appeared.

“ what are you thinking about?” John asked.

“The ferociraptors” he replied

“ hmph, no point in doing that, you have to worry about not being eaten by them, not were they came from or anything like that.”

The purple ferociraptor was finally there at the survivors house, it snuck towards the door, smelling air and listening for noises, the survivors were speaking in survivor talk, something it couldn’t understand. It couldn’t wait any longer, and ripped through the door, bursting into the hut, tearing things apart, sending wood flying in every direction, then it turned around, and stared into the eyes of the survivor who shot it, the ferociraptor screeched angrily, and jumped onto the survivor.

Aidan couldn’t beleive it, he was lying on the floor of Johns hut, splinters of wood lying everywhere, and John was being pinned down by a ferociraptor!

“John!!” Aidan yelled, trying to get his attention, but he knew there was nothing he could do, the ferociraptor screeched and bit down onto Johns face.

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