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Chapter nine

“Good job Sarah!” Kalmar said, helping her up.

“The fight isn’t over” she said, walking over to the roll rats rider, who was lying on the floor, clutching his arm. Sarah was about to shoot, when she was shoved out of the way by the bandits leader, who pinned the man to the ground and pointed a shotgun at his head, with an assault rifle in his other hand.

“Please don’t!” The injured bandit yelled.

“You failed me, and so did everyone else! But your the only one left! So I’ll just take out all my anger in you!!”

“NO!! I’ll do ANYTHING!!!”

“Nothing will help you” he said, loading up his shotgun and rifle. “Go to hell you son of a...” his last word was drowned out by the shotgun blast directly at the bandits head, followed by continuous shots from his assault rifle, splattering the bandits blood all over the ground.

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