Chapter 4.

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Chapter 4.

Lightning awoke in an enclosed area. The scent of the enemy surrounded him, and he scrambled up instantly. Looking around, he was in another metal cage, but this one was rusty. And he couldn't see any other creatures beside him. Ahead of him, there was another metal wall with a small window in the middle blocked off by bars. Outside of the cage he saw a bit of bright light, but nothing else. He tried to shuffle his arm but a sharp pain ran through it. Yelping, Lightning looked down. His arm hurt, and he saw white wraps around it. He hissed angrily, wondering what the enemies were doing to him. He slumped back down and tried to sleep.

Awoken by clanks on metal, Lightning heaved himself up. A little rectangular hole at the bottom of the wall with the window opened, a dark brown human claw sliding in a wooden dip, filled with delicious-smelling meat. Lightning longed to eat the food, but all his instincts told him to not trust anything from the enemies. He tried to swipe his claw at the human, but it slipped away and the metal hole shut, causing his claw to scratch metal. He let out an irritated hiss and stared at the meat. Well, he might as well eat while he was hungry. Lightning crouched down and took a large bite, blood seeping through his teeth as he chewed. Swallowing, he sat back and relaxed. Lightning started to slip into a deep sleep.


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