The War

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The War

Chapter 2 (collab of bob and seasnake)

Lightning growled in his pen. It was tight, and he could hardly move. He pushed his dark blue claws against the wet, shiny metal bars. Beside him, more war creatures stood in their pens. They were waiting to be released. Ahead, he saw damp trees on a crest, full of green grass. Rain pounded on the metal above Lightning, the raptor trying to move his tail but the cage was too tight. He heard gunshots and screams of humans as they fought a war. Lightning let out an irritated huff as he tried pushing on the bars again.

A human must have saw them, because he ran over and started unlocking the cages. He made a few frustrated noises as he unlocked them, carnos and rexes and more dashing out. Finally the human unlocked Lightning's cage. As the door clanked and swung open, he ran out and to the attackers. Pouncing on one, he ripped their armor off and tore their head from their body, blood pouring from it. Lighting raced toward another enemy, his claws raking up dirt and loose grass. Suddenly a rope grasped his legs and he tripped, grunting as he landed head-first on the ground. He tried to get up, pushing off the ground with his talons but another bola weighed his front half down, wrapping around his arms and neck. Another enemy walked up to him. They stared at each other for a moment, the stars being the only light illuminating the battlefield. Then the human pulled out a gun and shot Lightning in the neck with a sharp dart, a ball of red fluff at the end. Feeling suddenly tired and exhausted, he fell limp.


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