The Red Pike -

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The Red Pike -

Timber's Story chapt 2

(Cl1's character shoots Timber with a bow in this one)

Timber saw food through the trees. An equus with a brown hard leaf-like thing on it's back stood in a field, next to the forest.

He pounced on it and surprised it, killing it with a nip to it's neck as it bled. He dragged it into the foliage and ripped meat out, chewing and swallowing.

A loud boom made Timber jump as he felt a terrible pain in his right haunch. It buckled under him and he let out a yelp, stumbling to the ground. Blood welled out of the wound and a human strolled up to him, holding a smooth, brown curved stick with a stringy thing attached.

The human walked over to the equus and Timber felt guilt stab him as he saw emotions in the human's eyes. The human lit a stick on fire and burned the equus.

A glint shined in Timber's eye, and the human probably saw it too because it walked over to where it came from. Timber felt throbbing pain still as he stretched his neck to look. Several humans lay on the ground, battered and bloody.

-your (not) favorite snekity snek

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