(i gotta rewrite this bec it never came out)

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(i gotta rewrite this bec it never came out)

The Red Pike

Chapter 1/2/3(idk, chapter 1 for Timber's story but chapter 3 for the whole)

Made by snek

Timber bounded across the forest floor, clumsily stepping on twigs and running into trees. Other raptors would think his instincts would sharpen after being in the forest by himself for a while, at least, after he was kicked out of the pack, but Timber proved them wrong. He jumped on a terror bird, stupidly not knowing that they come in groups, and snapped it's neck. He started dragging it along the leaves towards his messy den. Light was filtering through the canopy, brightly shining in his eyes. Timber heard a noise but, of course, he ignored it. It's an amazement he actually survived in the wild this long, but then again, he does have one little trait that has done just that.

It's his fighting.

Now, his fighting is horrible, but he tends to either crush or snap his enemies. Here is an example;

Timber dropped his prey and pounced on one terror bird that leaped out of the brush. He sat on its spine and, well, crushed it. Now that it was down, he casually stepped over it and awaited the next contestant to this battle.

The next terror bird, although a bit more hesitantly than the first, attacked. Timber swiftly tumbled on it's neck and grasped it with his claws, feeling a snap as he pulled it back.

Now this probably will not work as effectively as bigger opponents, but he just runs anyway.

Now that Timber had his food, he made his way back and feasted, alone.

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