Riddles of the Phoenixes series

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Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Chapter twenty five: The Warrior Queen.

Jack dove back in forth, slicing enemy soldiers and horses with his sword. “Man, I’m so glad that Josh Swan taught us to use swords!” Jay exclaimed to him, cutting a soldier behind. The soldier fell to the ground dead, blood oozing from the wound in his stomach. Jack nodded, to focused to say anything else. A large rock suddenly whizzed by, almost hitting Jay. Jay skidded to the side just in time. He glared at the direction it came from. Jack saw that it was Marvelo who had threw it, using his telekinetic powers to throw it at them.

Marvelo raised his hand and another boulder came flying at them. Jay’s medallion glowed a vibrant green and he opened a portal in front of it. If flew in it and flew out another portal which led to it hitting the Krakos. Tom the Krakos barely flinched. A wyvern and it’s rider flew straight toward Tom’s face, breathing fire and baring its fangs. Tom simply lifted his hand and batted it away, like a child might bat away a toy. The wyvern screeched with pain and was hurled away. It hit the ground, breathing heavily. The rider had fallen off sometime in between its flight.

There was only one wyvern left, and that was Celia, the wyvern General Paul was riding. “We’re going to lose!” Jack cried, while battling a enemy soldier who had formed a ice sword, using his medallion implant. Jay stabbed him from behind. They paused for a second, wiping sweat from their tired faces. Jay grimaced. “I know. But we can’t go down without a fight.” Jay said grimly. Jack nodded and they embraced shortly.

“We’ll do this…together!” Jack said. Jay grinned. “Always.” Another soldier ran at them and they took him down easily. They fought together side by side, taking down the enemy, until they were tooken down by enemy woman soldier, who’s implant ability was manipulating plant growth. Jay and Jack were covered in vines, practically suffocating. The soldier walked toward them, her vine covered sword facing them. “Is this how we’re gonna die? By a plant lady?” Jack choked out. Jay attempted a grin. “Silence!” The woman barked. Her eyes were blank, and her face emotionless. A lifeless grin appeared on her face, as she raised her sword to annihilate them when…Suddenly a loud piercing cry echoed through the sky. “What was that?” Jay choked.

Jack couldn’t answer. He couldn’t breath. Something suddenly whizzed through the air. A arrow. It struck the woman in the head. Immediately then plants relaxed around them and Jack and Jay broke free of them. The woman lay at their feet dead. “Look!” Jay cried, pointing upward. Above them was a GIANT flock of armored griffins. On each of the griffins back was a soldier wearing Tek armor. The griffins were wearing it too.

A griffin landed next to them and a woman dismounted it. She had short auburn hair, tanned skin with brown freckles on her face and chocolate brown eyes, and was wearing metal Tek armor. She held a metal bow in her hands. Around her neck was a medallion. “Hello.” She said warmly. “Need a little help?” Jack and Jay exchanged looks of confusion. Another griffin landed nearby and a man dismounted it.

There was no time for introductions. Jay, Jack and the two other people fought side by side until they cleared a perimeter around them. The woman turned them, her eyebrows knit together in concentration. “Who are you?” Jay asked. The woman grinned. “I guess you’re father and mother never told y’all about me. I’m your Aunt Jenny.” She said. “WE have a aunt?!?!” Jack exclaimed. Jenny nodded. “But where have you been?” Jay asked. The smile face of Jenny’s face. “After James(Your father) your father took your mother into hiding, Tom came to the dark Phoenix castle and…tried to kill all remaining heirs to the throne, and attempted to find Jay. He killed my parents, your grandparents, but I escaped with some loyal guards and all the citizens.

This is General Owen, my loyalist and bravest General.” Jenny explained, motioning to the man. General Owen bowed respectfully to Jay and Jack. “I’m happy to serve any nephews or nieces of our Warrior Queen.” General Owen said. “So how do we defeat the Krakos?” Jack asked. Jenny glanced at the towering black figure, that was trying to bat the dodging griffins in the sky. “I’m afraid it going to be a long difficult battle. There was only one person who could defeat Tom easily…and that was my brother James. There will be a lot of sacrifice today. The Krakos will not be easily defeated.”


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