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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 14)

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Procoptodon Chronicles (Ch 14)

The human had never seen any flaw in her new companions. Roody had begun to think that she had forgotten her old friends when she was unexpectedlly awoken by the human fitting her saddle onto her back. She patted Roody's nose ans smiled. Red crawled up to the survivor's neck and the survivor climbed on Roody's back, pointing the direction she wanted to go. After a while, the trio found themselves at the brink of the Redwoods.Roody hadn't seen this place in so long. Everything here made her happy; even the sounds of hunting terror birds was a little reassuring. They stopped at a small pond with a tree in its middle where Roody had grown up. She hoped down gleefully into the water and Red hopped down, diving to catch fish. The survivor waded to shore and they all sat there for a moment. After a while, the human stood up and called Roody and Red to her. Red scampered up Roody's back and started going to shore when something dropped onto the human.

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