Roody the Great (Chpt. 1)

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Roody the Great (Chpt. 1)

Cliffjumper looked up as a reptilian shreik rang through the air. A flicker of movement caught her eye. It was the body of a dead raptor rolling down the Hill towards her. Another flicker of movement above the Hill took her attention and she strained her eyes to see an Argentavis flying down towards her, a survivor on its back. The argy landed and gazed at her with cold and fearless eyes. It held its head up high proudly and perching its wings back with a deep voice said: "Sup." They both turned their heads and watched as the survivor tried to slide down the argy's back, tripped on the saddle and crashed to the ground. The argy rolled his eyes and grabbed the collar of her armor with his beak lifted her to her feet. Eye to eye with the survivor, Cliffjumper studied the clumsy human. The human took one look at her and reached for her rival. Instinctivley, Cliffjupmer sent the survivor hurtling into a rock, but not before she shot a tranq dart at Cliffjumper.

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