(Chapter twenty!! Woo hoo! 🥳)

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(Chapter twenty!! Woo hoo! 🥳)

Riddles of the Phoenixes series

The War of the Phoenixes.

Chapter twenty: Breakfast.

Cyra had been gathering medical supplies from all over the city and gathering women to help with the wounded, when the war came all week. She was exhausted but refused to show it. They were having breakfast. She sat next to Cyrus, who was extremely pale do to the fact that full moon was getting closer. Jay looked worried and was biting his lip and forking his food daydreamingly. William was not at the table and neither was General Paul. The silence was tense.

Emma suddenly walked in, feeling her way through the room. Her white eyes, were rimmed with red and she wore a black dress. She looked tired. Jay jumped up to help her. “You okay Emma?” He asked. “Yes. I’m fine.” Emma said. Emma gave him a empty, dreary, ceasing any happiness, smile. Jay’s eyebrows furrowed with worry, as he led her toward the table.

A maid set a plate in front of her. William came in, and sat down at the table. He did not eat but instead tapped his fingers impatiently on the table. “So what did you say Josephina and Jaquin’s powers were?” William asked Jay. Jay swallowed a bite of egg with a grimace. “I think Josephina’ is talking to creatures and Jaquin’s is…bending reality?” Jay said. William nodded, contemplating this. “And they’re twins?” He asked. Jay nodded. “Hmm…”

“Why do you ask?” Jay asked. “Oh I was just thinking. You see, most twins that get medallions share a TINY bit of each other’s power.” William said. Jay raised a eyebrow. “So does that mean that me and Jack share some of our power and Jack can make a portal to here?” Jay asked. William laughed. “No. Only twins that medallions glow the same color.”

Cyra stopped listening after that, she pushed back her chair and super speeded away. As she ran, the wind hit her face. It was cold. She stopped in the meadow where she and Jack had gone just a few months ago. Cyra sighed and lifted her face, so that the sun could shine its warm rays on her face. She wished that Jack was still here. Where was he? Was he okay? Cyra bit her lip. She couldn’t deny it, there was something about him that was different from anyone else she had met. There was something about him that when she saw him, her heart increased so much that she couldn’t breath. There was something about him that made her want to hurt anyone that hurt him. She hoped he was okay. Cyra sighed.

Hopefully he came back soon. She was beginning to get worried. What if the spy had found him and reported him to Tom? What if he had gotten lost? What if..? Cyra shook her head to clear her thoughts. He would be back. Hopefully. And if not? She would go find him. But right now she needed to go back to doing her task.

The next chapter coming soon!


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