Walking Flames-Chapter 2

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Walking Flames-Chapter 2

From: Penny

Akira whined as she saw the dark, long and spine shaking hallway.”Well, either go with your paws or I’ll take you for you.”Copper said with a small hiss as he watched Akira make a decision.”I-I’ll go..” Akira stuttered before lifting up a paw and walking to the hallway, she walked into the dooming entry as humans on each side starting to ply a flute, they played a boss arena song, it felt familiar to Akira but she could not identify it for the life of her.Moments later she came into a room where there were humans playing flutes and desmodus chewing on bones and skulls of Ovis.”Greetings..” A high pitched voice was heard from the shadows, Akira stepped closer to see a.. Phoenix.”Is that Flare?! Wait no.. can’t be, Flare isn’t blue..” Akira muttered to herself.”Of course I’m not Flare silly.. but I am a relative of his..” The female Phoenix said with a smirk, Akira’s Pupils constricted.”A- A relative?!”Akira said with a gasp.The blue Phoenix chuckled.”Mhm.. I am his, sister..”She smiled as her wings let put a blue fire of the family tree.”I was supposed to be Orange and yellow like him.. but, I was born different..”She said with a sigh, Akira raised a brow before asking.”So do these Desmodus work for you?” Akira asked in curiosity.The blue Phoenix nodded before Akira asked more questions.”What’s your name?”She asked as she tilted her head.”Quin” She said ima soft tone.”Hm, pretty!” Akira smiled.

**With Flare, Solar and Tundra**

“We gotta find her!” Flare exclaimed as he flapped his wings, determined to find her.Soon after an Equus spotted them, she stopped her grazing and starting to sprint towards them.”Hey need some extra help?”The Equus smiled as she ran besides Flare, Flare’s pupils constructed as he turned his head to see the cream coloured Equus.”I mean, if your ready to fight some desmodus sure!” Flare said not expecting her to want to.”Heck yea!”She said with a smirk before adding.”These hoofs are stronger than you expect hun.”The Equus said in a Sassy tone.”Well then, Name?” Flare asked as he once again clapped his wings.”Cloud.”She smiled.”Hm. Pretty.” Solar exclaimed as they all looked ahead once again and ran into the woods.

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