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Again I’m sorry!! I’m busy with school and haven’t been thinking of it much.

“Your gonna starve!” July says standing up and looking around desperately to try to find some fresh kill of a fish around the cave, “J-July?” Aki asked walking into the rocky cave, Julys eyes widened as she heard Akis voice echoing throughout the cave. “Y-yes..? “ July asked before turning around and pretending nothing was happening. “Where’s my mama?” He asked staring up at July “She went out on a hunt with Janet sweetie” July says before looking around and before running infront of the baryonyx to hide it from Aki “Ill leave now.. bye! “ Aki says before turning his body and walking out of the cave. “Phew..” July says, relieved. “Food FOOD!” the baryonyx screamed at July. “Alright just calm down Mr.Greedy! geez..” She says before walking out of the cave before pausing and turning around. “Stay here!” She said before she continued walking.


“That catch was awesome Janet!” Freya says while standing on Janet’s back as she walks back to the cave. “Well thank you very much!” Janet says before stopping and looking down. “mummy!” Aki says climbing onto Janet’s back with his sharp talons, though it hurt her skin she didn’t think much of it. “Yes dear?” Freya asked helping Aki aboard as Janet kept walking. “I think July is hiding something!” Aki says while cleaning his feathers letting out a sort of display. “What do you mean Aki? She would’ve told us if she had something..” Freya said raising a brow. “She does! she hid it behind her while I was asking where you went!” Aki said before letting down his feathers starring up at Freya. “I’ll talk with her..” She said hopping off Janet into the cave. “Eat this..” July said handing over piles of fish to the young before she heard foot steps. “July what are yo-“ Freya said but cut herself off before gasping. “ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!” July yowls standing up. “You.. TRAITOR! THAT THING IS GOING TO KILL US WHEN IT GROWS UP!!” Freya screams at July narrowing her brows. “I-..” July said before pausing and picking up the baryonyx and running straight out of the cave. “That 𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀𝓈𝓉𝒶𝒷𝒷ℯ𝓇..” Freya says thinking to herself. “W-we can live in the wild I guess.. in a unknown environment..” She pretend smiled to cheer up the baby.

-From Penny

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