The RedWoods Spirit-Chapter 12(I think)

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The RedWoods Spirit-Chapter 12(I think)

Little message: The person July meets is from all the way back to Chapter 2 by the way.(sorry it’s short, I’m having troubles planning Walking Flames chapter 3 so that will be out soon, also walking flames is in the Phoenix story section.)

From: Penny

“Ooh July! I think someone you might like is here..” Daisy said as July slowly opened her eyes, she yawned as she looked at the cave entrance.”J-JERALD?!” July yelled scanning the raptor while she shredded a happy tear.”I CANT BELIEVE YOUR ALIVE.” She yelled as she bounced up on her two legs and ran towards him before giving him a huge hug.”I’m alive.. don’t worry July..” He said as he hugged her back, July started to cry happy tears.July pulled back as she looked at Jerald and smiled.”H-how did you survive?” July asks as she raised a brow.”Well, I was out hunting and the earth started to shake.. I saw you guys run into the cave because I was near the beach.. I ran as fast as I could to it. I got in the hole about 2min after you did.. I looked all over but I couldn’t find you..” Jerald said as he took a sigh before smiling back at July.”Well I’m happy your safe..”July added.”Me too..”July said as she gave Jerald another big hug.”J-July?”The baby Baryonyx said from behind.”Who’s that?” Asks Jerald.”My child.”July replies as she sat down and nuzzled against the Baryonyx.”I-IM AM UNCLE?!” Jerald yelled in excitement.”Indeed you are.♡"July smiled.Jerald walked over and snuggled against the Baryonyx.”How old is he?” Jerald asked as his head slowly tilted up to July.”About.. 2months.”She exclaimed.Daisy smiled, as Xeno copied as Daisy shredded a tear.”Are you alright darling?” Xeno asked.”Meh-mhm! J-just so wholesome..”She exclaimed as she them snuggled up against Xeno.Cosmo sat beside his parents with a brow raised.”I don’t understand this..” He mumbled to himself.

**With Freya**

“God this headache won’t go away!” She said as she covered her head with her arm feathers.”You alright Mama?” Aki asked as he walked into the cave.”Yes honey I’m fine..” Freya exclaimed. “Where’s July..?” Aki added.Freyas pupils constricted.”I’m not sure d-darling.” Freya replied.”Alright, I’ll look for her myself then.” Aki said as he walked out of the cave.

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