The RedWoods Spirit-Chapter 11

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The RedWoods Spirit-Chapter 11

From: Penny

“Would you like to stay with us?” Xeno asked, he spun his head towards July.”R-really?” July asked with a stutter she thought he was kidding.”Well of course! You’re not a threat.” Daisy exclaimed before she picked up Cosmo and entered the cave.July smiled, she was over-excited though wanted to hide it because if she screamed she would get emberssed.”You can sleep here” Xeno exclaimed as he walked into the hanging ivy, behind it was a cozy, small “den” with a very soft moss bed, sunlight entered through a hole in the ceiling.July gasped, she couldn’t believe her eyes.”This, just for me?!” July said excitedly as she bounced up and down with a chuckle.”Indeed, it’s all yours now” Daisy said as she took a step back letting July sniff out and get comfortable in her new home.”We need to go for now, if you need us we will be in the medicine room..”Daisy exclaimed, she smiled before turning around and taking off, July thought this was odd.”Why would they be going to the medicine room..”July mumbled to herself, she let out a yawn and curled up, wrapping her tail around her she drifted off into a slumber as the baby baryonyx cuddled against her.

**The next morning**

Julys eyes slowly opened as she took a glance at the baby baryonyx, her eyes were blurred as voices could be heard from behind the Ivy, she stood up as her vision got clearer.”July!” Cosmo yelled as he spotted her walking out of the den, he ran up to her and gave her a hug, he looked up and smiled at her as Xeno walked up.”Hey July, breakfast is ready, it’s by the from entrance.”Xeno said with a smile before walking back to daisy, cosmo followed behind as July was left. July walked over to the front entrance, she saw piles of meat, she started to drool as she raced over to the fresh kill, she started to eat as she ripped up pieces that were bite size for her.”Hey new girl.” A deep voice was heard from behind, Julys eyes constricted as her spine got a chill, she slowly stood up and looked behind her, a tall, bulky and rude red stood in-front of her.”That was my piece of meat..”The Rex stood infront of July as she shook, she took a pause before replying.”I- I’m so sorry! Im new here.” July said with a small bow of apology.”Well soon you are going to be a new guest to my belly!”The Rex said with a grin, Julys heart dropped as she ran to Xeno and the others.”What’s wrong July?” Daisy asks as she stared at the traumatized raptor.”A rude Rex said we was going to eat me..”July said with a sniffle as Xenos eyes constricted as he realized who the Rex was.”That I’m guessing was Brutus, my older brother..”Xeno said with a low and quiet mumble underneath his breath.”If you come across him just ignore him, he hates it most if you ignore him.”Xeno added, smiling at July to try to cheer her up.”Alright t-thanks” July said as she cuddled up against Daisy and Xeno, she was still tired so she took a nap by the rexes, she felt a sort of comfort and security when doing so.

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