The Hidden Tribe: Introduction.

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The Hidden Tribe: Introduction.

Greenleaf and Firetail had been sneaking away from camp for a couple months now. It had all started when Greenleaf and Firetail had escaped from camp for fun, and discovered a human's base. It had been weird, because all sorts of creatures had been living in peace, not fighting with one another. There was a spino, a bronto, a diplo, sarcos, argents, and more all living in peace. A human ran around, tending to them all. Then Greenleaf and Firetail saw Pinecrest and Blazespine, the camp's two elder parasaurs. Pinecrest and Blazespine had went out of camp one day, and were never seen again. But Greenleaf and Firetail couldn't say they were here, they would be banished! What would they say? On that note, Greenleaf and Firetail started to head back. Suddenly, the human riding an argent swooped down and picked Greenleaf up. Greenleaf cried for Firetail to run, but she refused. The argent clinged to Greenleaf with it's talons. It carried Greenleaf to the deep water. It dropped Greenleaf in the water, and he felt the air rush, until he hit the water and was submerged. Fish swam around him. Soon, Greenleaf was starting to run out of air. He hadn't learned to swim. Randomly, the same human was beside him, riding on a... dolphin? Or was it an icthy? Greenleaf looked into the human's eyes as he suffocated. His last words were; " Goodbye, Firetail. Take good care of your egg." Then he smiled and floated up to heaven. Next episode soon!

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