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So I once had an Otter named Safari Al.

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So I once had an Otter named Safari Al. Safari Al wandered around my house, with my Meso, T-Wex, and my Compy, Coral. Safari Al was happy with his friends, but I thought he needed a mate. But, Because Otters are so rare, I decided if I found one while flying on my Argy, i'd pick it up and tame it near my base. So one day I was out looking for a Tapejara to tame, and there's this river kind of near me, where it's just bustling with Spinos. So, I was flying, looking for a Tapejara, above "Spino River", and I see a small figure in the water, swimming. It's an Otter! A Spino was like 20 Ark feet away, and I said, "Well, the Otter is probably going to get killed by the Spino, and it might be a female." So I swooped down with my Argy, picked the Otter up, and flew it back to my base. Luckly, my Argy has really good stamina, so I managed to fly it back near my base. By it's colours, I thought it was a male. I hopped off, and checked it's gender. It was a... Female! Yay! I flew to my base, grabbed some fish meat, and flew to where I had dropped the Otter. I fed it fish meat, and tamed it. I picked it up, rode on my Argy back to base, landed, and dropped the Otter in my house with Safari Al, Coral and T-Wex. I set the Otter on wandering, let her mate with Safari Al, and waited for the gestation progress to end. I gave her a black, cloth hat, and named her Lil Survivor. She had a baby, and if you think Otters are cute, wait Β΄till you see their babies. The baby was a male, and had worse stats and was a way lower level than Safari Al, so I'm planning to kill him when he grows up. :( . I was at almost max tame slots, so to claim the Otter, I had to kill one of my Sarcos, Gatorade. R.I.P Gatorade. I also had to kill my Manta, Botox. R.I.P Botox. I named the baby Otter Lil Safari Al.

#R.I.P Gatorade #R.I.P Botox

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