The Final Feast

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The Final Feast

Chapter 25

Dead onycs littered the ground. Mars and Mercury lay bloody and half-eaten. Goon was injured, but alive along with what remained of the wolves. One of Kepoi's legs was broken as a result of being dropped. Loki was missing a large part of his side. The twins were both dead. Naxos' belly had been ripped open, and Sicyon 's back and neck had been broken from a high drop. Leece and Lucca had been eaten, and One could only find half of White Fang. She stood up and looked around. Knidos was unaccounted for. Kepoi whined and walked up to her son. He had been dropped and his legs and back were broken. One left Kepoi to mourn her son as he took his last breath. Jet was still out there somewhere. She jumped on Corvi's back and flew in the direction the allo had run.

They exited the thick forest and came to a large beach. There on the sand lay Jet, surrounded by dead onycs. He refused to die without killing them all. One stepped on to the beach and sat down next to his head. They had won, but it wasn't supposed to be this way. She expected injuries yes, but she never could have imagined it going this badly. After sitting in silence for a little while she stood up and started gathering resources. Corvi watched as she made a plaque. One took her knife and engraved into it: "Jet the Allosaurus - MΓ‘ng NΓΉ Slayer." She put his saddle on top of it, looked at it for a while and then climbed back on Corvi's back.

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